Instructors using SNAG Golf to teach the next generation

TAMPA - Little Leaguers learn baseball on a smaller field, and with a tee.  Many basketball players use a smaller ball and a shorter hoop.  Some football players start with flags. 

So, why is it that golfers learn the game on the same size course as everyone else, with the same size club heads and balls?

SNAG Golf aims to change that, and it's a movement now backed by arguably the greatest player of all time, Jack Nicklaus. 

SNAG stands for "Starting New At Golf."  It's also being taught around the Bay Area, used everywhere from The First Tee programs to P.E. classes in schools. 

The idea is to use clubs with bigger heads, larger balls (that look more fit for tennis), and varying games that can constantly change, to keep new players' interest.  Nicklaus believes that by keeping young players' interest early, they're more likely to stick with the game throughout their lives.

To see how SNAG is being used in our area, and some of the creative ways it can be played, click on the video above.

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