TK's Take: Time to fire Schiano, Sullivan, Sheridan and elevate Wannstedt, Davis and McNulty

TAMPA - I've seen enough.  It's time to jettison Greg Schiano, Bill Sheridan and Mike Sullivan. 

What we saw Thursday night at Ray Jay was the last straw, a 31-13 loss to Carolina.

Make Dave Wannstedt the interim head coach, Butch Davis the defensive coordinator and John McNulty the offensive coordinator.

McNulty, the team's QB coach, is the only coach who seems to be having any effect on any player on the offensive side of the football.

Wannstedt is being wasted as a special teams coach.  Get him going as interim head coach and bring Butch Davis down from the front office and put a match under that defense.

I've been as patient as I could.  Three weeks ago, I said it wasn't time yet to fire Schiano. 

Problem is, this team does a poor job of preparing, adjusting, and motivating these players.  It is evident this team is sliding into the abyss.

Time to make the move.

If not now, soon!!!!!

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