Dupay continues with a life in basketball, a dozen years after his career came crashing down

He was Billy Donovan's first recruit. He was Florida's Mr. Basketball 1998. And he still holds the state's high school scoring record, which has stood for 15 years.

But Teddy Dupay's journey wasn't all highlights from there.

After his legendary career at Mariner High School in Cape Coral, Teddy went on to star at the University of Florida, where, as a sophomore, he led the Gators to the 2000 Final Four--just their second in school history--and ultimately, the championship game--their first.

After his junior year, though, he was suspended by the NCAA for gambling on sports.  He says it was for "Association with a Known Gambler," and though he won't elaborate on it much, he doesn't really deny it.

That known gambler was his best friend, who he says he still lives with today. 

Teddy went on to play in South America, then in the now-defunct CBA, and even in summer ball with the Orlando Magic. But he never made it to the NBA, while Gator teammates like Mike Miller, Matt Bonner and Udonis Haslem are still there today.

He did return to Gainesville, where, still under scholarship, he finished his degree.  He also remains close to Donovan, who he says he speaks to every few weeks. 

Teddy now lives in Tampa, where he's involved in a number of businesses and also works with kids through the Skills Center.  But it took a long way to get there. 

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