Alex Rodriguez suspended from playing through 2014, but can still play due to an appeal

Rodriguez will lose $34 million

The highest paid player in baseball will lose $34 million because of a 211 game suspension which kicks-in Thursday August 8.  (
"The one thing that's I've gotten from so many people, so many fans, some teammates, they're like,
what is going on?" said Alex Rodriguez on Saturday at a post-game presser.
Now there's no doubt, after months of leaks, Major League Baseball officially suspended Alex Rodriguez.  He is expected to make his season debut against the White Sox tonight and teammate Derek Jeter said yesterday, he'll welcome him.
"He's our teammate. If he's here tomorrow, we look forward to seeing him," said Jeter.
Though his suspension benches A-Rod for the rest of this season and next, he can play during his suspension because he's appealing to an arbitrator and fighting the allegations.
Rodriguez worked out in Tampa Thursday at George Steinbrenner Field nursing a hip injury since October of 2012.
Plant High School baseball player Stephen Chamblee  and his teammates say it's a black eye.
"It's a disappointment to baseball and I don't like being viewed like that, as a baseball player as a whole- just everyone. There's so many players being suspended for that reason," he said.
A-Rod is suspended for his ties to Florida's biogenesis clinic. Rodriguez never failed a drug test but admitted to using performance enhancing drugs in the past. He also claims he quit using them in 2003 but baseball officials say there's evidence he lied.
"I think it kind've just gives a downside to kids who look up to him. It just makes them sad that to realize that one of their baseball heroes is doing the wrong stuff," said Rose, Plant High School baseball player.
The clinic's owner Tony Bosch is cooperating with authorities. A dozen more players have been suspended as well but none as famous or well-paid as A-Rod.
The suspension is a record-setting penalty for using performance enhancing drugs and lying about it.
A-Rod would be almost 40 years old when he's allowed to come back.


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