Renovations planned for Rays stadium Tropicana Field

Officials with Tropicana Field plan to revamp the ballpark to enhance fan experience.
One of the biggest changes will be to allow walking fans 360-degree access to watch the action.
They will create walkways behind the outfield seats, ensuring fans will be able to walk around the entire park without missing a pitch.
The days of walking in and out of concourses that make the fan blind to the action will be over ar the start of the 2014 baseball season.
They also plan to add an open terrace over center field.  It will be complete with open rails for fans to stand and enjoy an adult beverage, sodas and more while enjoying the game.

The renovation will also include restroom upgrades, refurbished exterior awnings, and improvements in ADA accessibility.

They promise other upgrades as well, with a price tag of more than $1 million.
All this to attract fans to a ballpark that was scraping the bottom for fan attendance last season, even though the team had a great run in the post season.
Officials say everything will be ready for first pitch in the 2014 season.
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