What to do if swarms of bees attack you

PHOENIX - Several bee attacks in Arizona over the last few weeks have some hikers on edge.

But bee attacks don't just happen out on the trail. They can even happen inside your own house.

Hikers out on Piestewa Peak say they're seeing more bees on the trails than usual. You can't even escape them at the trailheads.

If you're out hiking, keep an eye on the bees. In most cases, if you leave them alone, you'll be fine.

But if bees start to swarm around you, experts say stay calm and don't swat at them. That will only provoke them.

Rivian Lewin said she kept her eye on the bees while hiking Sunday afternoon.

"Because when there's one, you don't feel that threatened. But when there's like five of them flying by you it's a little bit scary," she said.

Bee attacks can get dangerous fast. Experts say it may be hard to do, but try not to panic. Denzil is used to bees joining in on his hikes.

"When you panic, you exude a scent that tells the bee that you're getting hyped up. And if you start waving your arms around, a bee is going to assume you're going to attack," he said.

If you get attacked, experts say take cover and protect your face and mouth. But if you see just a few bees out on the trail, do your best to ignore them.

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