South Florida mom says photos of her infant being used on Instagram in sexually explicit way

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A South Florida mom says she discovered that photos of her infant daughter are being used in a sexually explicit way on Instagram. 

Like any parent, Angelica Calad loves capturing moments of her daughter, Taylen.  But what Calad did not realize is that strangers have been using photos of her child to tell pornographic role-playing stories.

When the mother started uploading photos of her daughter to Instagram, she discovered others sharing that affection of her six-month-old, especially some prominent baby fashion followers.

"Oh they loved it, they were like, 'she's wearing the leggings, love it.'  They would feature her on their sites," said Calad. 

What Calad and Taylen's father, Josh Biggs, didn't realize is that pictures of their daughter were being copied and shared on other Instragram pages, some linked to a sexually pornographic nature. 

"I was just completely just blown away and the morbid words I was reading, I was just, I'm sick to my stomach," said Biggs, Taylen's father.

It's called "role playing" where someone copies and pastes a photo of someone and begins playing out a fantasy.  In this case, the exchanges are far too graphic to show. 

"It's beyond disturbing.  I couldn't even read it," Calad said.

Calad says she reported the page to Instagram, but when one page is taken down, another one pops up.

"You don't know who they are.  They're out in foreign countries, and the next thing you know they have all the access you probably aren't comfortable with, but that's how the social media world works these days, said Robert Fellman, PC professor.

Robert Fellman suggested users double check privacy settings, know who you are accepting friend requests from, but always assume if it's on the internet, it's out there.

Calad says she's not running from the internet in fear, but wants others to be warned. 

"It doesn't matter if you didn't even post them on Instagram, if you posted them on any other site it can be used and you would have no idea," said Calad. 

When reached for comment about what Instagram is doing about role-playing schemes, the company did not respond to requests.

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