Convicted rapist Richard Thomas may have contracted HIV from his victim, waiting for test results

Sentenced to five years

ENGLAND - A 27-year-old man convicted of raping a woman fainted upon hearing the news: he may have contracted HIV from her, BBC reports.

Richard Thomas, an inmate in Liverpool, England, is now waiting on test results to find out if he has contracted the disease.

Thomas actually knew the victim and was aware she was sick, but he didn't know she had HIV.

Officials say Thomas let himself into the home uninvited. The woman had fallen asleep after taking a sleeping tablet, but she woke up in the middle of him raping her from behind.

The prosecuting attorney said the victim froze, and no words were said, Thomas just pulled up his pants and left.

During the rape trial, Thomas said he couldn't recall the attack because he had been drinking and taking drugs, but he said he believes the accusations the victim made against him.

In the court room he said the woman "would not lie, she tells the truth. If she says I have done it, I have done it."

His attorney told the court Thomas had started using marijuana at 9 and moved on to binge drinking at 11, before getting into cocaine and ecstacy in his early teens. 

He plead guilty July 20 and was sentenced to five years and four months last week.

He will learn whether he contracted HIV Friday.

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