'Titan Salvage', based in Pompano Beach, will attempt to upright the Costa Concordia

ROME - Italian authorities say the operation to upright the Concordia cruise ship is set for next week. 

But officials say the exact date for the operation will only be known the day before, because the operation depends upon weather and sea conditions.

The actual work involves building a series of underwater platforms onto which the Costa Concordia will be lifted upright. 

The work is being shared by Titan Salvage, and Micoperi, an Italian engineering firm.

The teams will have only one chance to turn the ship upright.  If the operation is successful the ship will eventually be towed away, dismantled and scrapped. 

The operation is expected to cost $400 million.  If some thing goes wrong, then the ship will remain where it's at and be broken into pieces, then removed.

The Costa Concordia is the largest passenger ship ever capsized, surpassing the Titanic. 

The Concordia's hull was ripped open by a reef while sailing back in January of 2012.  The accident killed 32 passengers and crew.

The ship's captain, Francesco Schettino, is being tried for manslaughter and abandoning ship.  His trial is set to resume on September 23.  Prosecutors alleged Schettino steered the boat too close to shore.  Schettino claims the reef didn't appear on his navigational charts.

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