Surveillance video shows confrontation between a homeowner and a suspected armed burglar

Posted at 12:05 AM, Dec 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-02 00:05:47-05

TAMPA, FLA - Detectives said two homeowners tried stopping a suspected burglar.

The confrontation happened Thanksgiving night at a home off East 15th Avenue in Historic Ybor City. The Tampa Police Department released surveillance video of the incident Friday. 

According to TPD, the crook had a gun. They said he tried breaking into a trailer/shed and threatened to shoot one of the homeowners after she caught him. Then, he snuck out through the fence. 

Detectives said the other homeowner saw the armed burglar, trying to escape, so he chased after him. The confrontation happened in the alley. According to detectives, the burglar dropped the gun and then managed to get away.

"Just talking to them about it, it's just sad that somebody would do something like that," Bryan Garrison, a neighbor, said.

Neighbors are shocked the confrontation happened near their homes.

"I'm just grateful that the worst didn't happen in that situation," Dimitri Brunelle, a neighbor, said.

Authorities are looking for a black sedan. If you have any information about the armed burglary, contact Crime Stoppers or the Tampa Police Department.