Miami family's house destroyed in fire on Christmas eve

MIAMI - Monday afternoon, a South Florida family is trying to make the most of Christmas together after a devastating fire.

"It was so fast. I couldn't save anything. "

This is all that's left of the Miami home -- after a fire ripped through it Sunday morning.

It burned everything a car, a boat, all their presents.

The Rodriguez family was inside when the flames started -- but they all made it out safely mom, dad, two kids and five dogs.

Now neighbors and charity groups are lending a hand.

"So it was really nice they came they brought a bike for my daughter which

Her bike burned. Some dolls my son is a little bit bigger so he understands

But she was crying a lot her toys her teddies," said one of the adults from the home.

What can I tell you man. We're alive. I got my kids safe. That's the most

important. "

The family also has a place to stay for the holidays.

Right now there's no word on whether they plan to rebuild.

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