Ibragim Todashev's wife denies her husband was involved in the Boston bombings and triple murder

ORLANDO, Fla. - Reniya Manukyan, although estranged from her husband, is standing by him and denies his involvement in a triple slaying and the Boston bombings.

Ibragim Todashev, 27, was gunned down at his Orlando home during a meeting with FBI agents and two Massachusetts state troopers Tuesday night, authorities said.

Todashev, according to his roommates, was questioned multiple times by the FBI in the days following the Boston bombings.  His roommates said he even canceled a flight back to his native Chechneya to meet with agents this one last time.

"He didn't flip out," said Khusen Taramov, a roommate.  "I think something went wrong there.  I think they just shot him.  He didn't do anything.  I know him.  He just wanted everything to be over."

WFTV, the ABC affiliate in Orlando, reports that Todashev pulled a knife and stabbed the FBI agent twice during their meeting before he was gunned down.  Agents said Todashev was about to sign a confession admitting to a triple slaying that occurred in Boston in 2011.

Manukyan said her husband 'had nothing to hide' and was unfairly targeted by federal agents because at one time he was an acquaintance of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston bombing suspect who was killed in a shootout with authorities.

"He wasn't involved.  So he was not even nervous [to talk with the FBI]," Manukyan explained.

According to Manukyan, it was a common ancestry, roots in Chechneya and an interest in mixed martial arts that brought her husband into contact with Tsarnaev.

"He expected that they were going to come and question him because they both come from the same place from Chechnya," Manukyan explained.

Manukyan said she moved with her husband to Atlanta and that there was no contact with Tsarnaev.  She said that her husband had knee surgery and when Tsarnaev heard of his ailment he called to see if Todashev was doing better.

It was an injury he sustained while fighting.

"They weren't close to each other.  They weren't friends or anything," Manukyan said.

Manukyan explained that she and Todashev moved to Orlando in late 2011.

Manukyan said she separated from her husband in November.  However, she spoke to him Tuesday and learned he had canceled his plans to return home in order to speak with federal agents.

"He said they were coming by," she recalled.

She said agents also questioned her several times and even showed up at her work and then stopped her at the airport when she returned from a trip to Chechnya.  She returned weeks after the Boston bombings occurred.

Despite her denying her husband's involvement in the triple slaying Manukyan said her husband did travel back to Boston the summer of 2011.

DNA from that crime scene is now being tested and compared with Todashev's DNA.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that an FBI team was dispatched from Washington to review Tuesday's shooting, a standard step in such cases



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