Hot air balloon crashes into backyard in surbuban West Palm Beach, Fla.


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - "They called and said a balloon crashed in your yard, and I'm sitting there going, can't you just go buy another one why do you have to come in," said Yasmeen Abutineh. 
But it wasn't as easy as just buying another one.
Yasmeen didn't know it was a giant hot air balloon that bumped against her house and crashed in her backyard early Sunday morning in suburban West Palm Beach.
The homeowner told Newschannel 5 that there were two people inside the balloon and the pilot decided to land when some strong winds had taken them off course. 
"Anyone in my place would have done the same thing I would have done, you see someone in a balloon and its tipped over and you hear them screaming for help your going to jump and help them ," said Henry Abutineh. 
The homeowner tells us someone came in a truck and took the balloon and the passengers away.
No one was injured.
Now this weekend, the Ford Built Tough Polo and Balloon Festival took place just west of Lake Worth.
But organizers tell us this balloon was not a part of their event.
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