Gov. Scott meets with protesters, group asks for state to consider Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act

TALLAHASSEE - Protesters who had been holding a sit-in outside of Gov. Rick Scott's office for the past three days finally had a breakthrough Thursday night.

Gov. Scott invited them into his conference room to listen to their concerns, including a request to call a special legislative session focusing on civil rights in Florida.

They want Florida lawmakers to consider a Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act that would repeal Florida's Stand Your Ground Law and create new rules for police regarding racial profiling.

Phillip Agnew of the Dream Defenders group told Scott protesters will continue to protest at the Capitol until a special session is called.

"I know you have a heart. People may paint you as otherwise, but I know you have a heart there and I think it's important that you listen to that heart. Listen to the people that are here," Agnew said.

But Scott said he will not call a session because he doesn't plan to change the Stand Your Ground law.

" "I tell people as I travel the state, I think people ought to engage in the process engage in our state everybody should they ought to know people that are running for office, they ought to run for office. I hope y'all are going to be running for office eventually and you're already engaged in the process. Thanks for coming. I'm not going call a special session. I don't believe right now that Stand Your Ground should be changed but I'll tell you right now that I appreciate you and I look forward to seeing you again. "

Agnew called the meeting the start of a good dialog with Scott, but he said protesters will put a call out to youth around America to come join their effort at the state capitol to push for a special session.


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