Eaglecam update: Bald eagles Ozzie and Harriet watch over, feed month-old eaglets Honor and Hope

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Since late December, we've been watching live video from an American Bald Eagle's nest in Fort Myers.  The two eaglets "Honor" and "Hope" have reached the one-month mark.

The eaglets are the offspring of "Ozzie" and "Harriet."  The two eagles made this property home back in 2007.

Since they've  been there, four eaglets have been born.

Daily checks of the nest show Honor and Hope dining on a variety of food, including rabbit and fish, brought to the nest by mom and dad.

This morning (Thursday 1/31), we watched as mom landed in the nest with a freshly-caught catfish which she immediately fed to the chicks.

The live stream also contains a twitter feed, which features some great photos and warm comments.

"We watch the eaglets, wake, sleep, eat--they've become important members of our family! Thanks for the cam," wrote @TerryHelwig.

The nest is located in a slash pine tree, 60 feet above the ground.  

The camera, equipped with an infrared sensor for night viewing, emits no light and is located about 6 feet above the nest.  In short, the eagles do not know they are being watched by millions.

The camera is also equipped with a microphone allowing web visitors to hear occasional chirping and squawking.
The nest is labeled LEO26B in the Florida State Monitoring Program.

The nesting season begins in Southwest Florida on October 1.  The eagle family will remain there until April or May.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the bald eagle population has been slowly increasing. In 2007, the species was taken off the endangered list.

The Florida state monitoring program says there are 133 bald eagle nests in just a 25-mile radius of Ozzie and Harriet's.

The live feed is available by clicking the video box below.

Note: A short commercial will play before the live eagle's nest video:

Mobile viewers can watch by following this link: http://bit.ly/YaXs2K

Streaming live video by Ustream

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