Dismissed Zimmerman juror given trespass warning

A man who was once a potential juror for the George Zimmerman murder trial, has been banned from the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center.
Deputy Gregory Luge with Seminole County said Jerry Patrick Counelis was dismissed as a potential juror on Wednesday, June 12, but came back to the justice center on Friday.
Counelis approached an investigator, and began to express several concerns about his privacy and his treatment by the court system.
Luge said the investigator, R. Hemmert, referred Counelis to the clerk of courts, told him he could not give him any legal advice and advised him to seek legal counsel.
Counelis then made his way to the foyer of the jury assembly area, where he spoke with the clerk, and again expressed concerns about privacy and expressed animosity towards the jury process. 
Luge said he approached Counelis and reminded him that he was dismissed as a juror and he could not be in the jury assembly area or have any contact with any potential jurors until after the trial has concluded. 
The deputy clerk of court referred Mr. Counelis to the clerk's office in the south wing. 
He replied by pointing to the door to the jury assembly room and saying: "do they know what they are in for!" 
Luge then escorted Counelis to the Clerk's Office.
Counelis then walked in the direction of the Clerk's office.
When Counelis concluded his visit to the courthouse, he was advised that he was banned from the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center, per Chief Judge A. Dickey, until the conclusion of the trial for which he was a potential juror, unless he had legitimate business on Criminal Justice Center property. 
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