Detectives say Orange County mom stabbed her sons' alleged bullies with box cutter

Grandmother say's she was the stabber

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County mother whose children were reportedly jumped by a group of neighborhood bullies is facing charges after she allegedly stabbed two of her sons' attackers with a box cutter knife, WFTV reports.

The stabbing victims and detectives have identified 33-year-old Nora Silva as the stabber, but Nora says it was her son's grandmother, 63-year-old Esther Silva, who used the box cutter, and Esther agrees that she is the guilty party.

The issue began when high school students got off of the bus Tuesday and a fight erupted with about 15 teen boys.

The fight was caught on surveillance video and Nora's 17-year-old son can be seen getting pushed to the ground.

When Nora and Esther learned about the fight they ran to help while a neighbor called police, the report states.

Nora says when the teens saw her and her mother, they surrounded them and kept attacking her kids. 

Deputies say the fight fizzled out, yet Nora confronted the boys and a second fight ensued.

Deputies say Nora took out a knife and stabbed two teens.

But Esther tells a different story, saying she jumped in the middle of the fight, then eventually used the box cutter, but says it was in self-defense.

"I am going to protect mine, because I was brought up in the hood," Esther told WFTV.

The stabbing victims were taken to the hospital and one of them had to get four staples in his back.

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