Broward County pit bull ban proposal prompts worry in Palm Beach County

Local shelters may shoulder bigger burden with ban

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla - Pit bulls could flood Palm Beach County, if Broward County bans the breed. County commissioners spent hours Tuesday debating the issue, only to table it for another day.

Shelters in Palm Beach County are overwhelmed with pit bulls and fear they'd have to shoulder a bigger burden if the ban ever goes into effect.

"If they ban the dog, it will keep moving to different counties and people will try to hide the dogs.  It will only cause more problems," says Cory Thomas, who loves the breed.

One in every three dogs dropped off at Animal Care and Control in Palm Beach County is a pit bull.

"The fear and the reality is, if there's a ban on pits in Broward, more will be surrendered here," says Rich Anderson, Executive Director of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

Miami-Dade County banned the breed more than 20 years ago.  Anderson says it's not a solution.

"I haven't seen anything that these laws have an impact or create any change," says Anderson.

The only change would be more pit bulls in Palm Beach County, and possibly people moving out of Broward to avoid the ban.

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