Zeus Virus popping up on Facebook can drain your bank account

Be careful what you click. An old computer virus that can drain your bank account has reportedly resurfaced on Facebook. 

The New York Times reports that the Zeus virus has been seen in links on N.F.L. Facebook fan pages such as one created by a group called "Bring the N.F.L. to Los Angeles". Once a computer is infected with this virus, it remains on your computer until you log-in to your bank account. 

The blog, Tech Tree , says the Zeus virus is typically spread through phishing links, which are usually ads that once you click, are automatically sent to a large amount of your Facebook friends. 

Experts say that the Zeus Virus appears to only affect Windows computers. However, security firm, Trend Micro , discovered that the virus has targeted some smartphone users in recent years. 

To protect yourself, be sure to make sure that you have 2-step verification enabled for online banking. Facebook and the FBI are reportedly investigating.

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