The Breakdown: 3 easy steps to stay safe from hackers on both your smart phone or on your computer


Just last week the stock market fell fast and hard after a hackers sent a false tweet from the Associated Press account.  The tweet caused what's called a flash crash, it happens when Wall Street computers use keywords to make stock trades. 
Hackers can infiltrate anything, in fact, experts say there is not one network or computer that is 100 percent safe.   Ken Colburn, Data Doctors, says "humans are lazy and there are so many things we are doing as users that are making it easy for hackers to break into these systems."
The good news is there are three easy steps you can do to protect yourself.  
The three easy steps are: lock your phone with a passcode, use complex, random and different passwords for all your accounts and enable two factor authentication for accounts you need to keep secure. 
Need more information? Click here for a detailed explanation of all three steps, as explained by The List:
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