Right to Know Act would let consumers know who has their personal data, where they got it from

People all over the country often have no idea how companies get a hold of their personal information when they receive strange calls and offers they never signed up for, but data brokering is nothing new. In fact, major digital players like Facebook are constantly finding new ways to profit from it, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports.

So in an effort to empower the consumers getting the short end of the stick, a new proposed law in California called the "Right To Know" Act would let consumers find out who has their personal data, and how to get a copy of it.

Most data brokers collect personal data from places they won't disclose, and social media companies' privacy policies are often convoluted and can change at a moment's notice, making users' rights a bit of a blur.

This law would bring transparency to consumers whose information is being used vast amount of ways, primarily, profiting those who have purchased it.

Companies would be forced to show consumers the personal information they have on them, as well as the other companies with whom that information was shared. 

The law would cover both online and offline businesses.

To read Electronic Frontier Foundation's full report, click here: http://wfts.tv/YvHNux

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