Reports: Big things from Apple (APPL) in 2013 for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, perhaps a 'smart watch'

Now that 2013 is here, consumers are already starting to look forward to the next new thing in technology. And you can't talk tech without talking about Apple.

So we have a sneak peak about what's expected from Apple in the next 6 months.

Consumers Can't Say No

So you don't plan on spending much at the Apple store this year? Think again.

Anyone with a new Apple gadget, like Lakeesha Thomas, who just purchased an iPhone 5, will inevitably have to buy some new Lightning connectors and chargers, as the older models no longer fit.

"Because I have several Apple products," Thomas said, " I need a hub with several outlets, so this will cause me to have to buy some new connectors."

But that's just the beginning of what Apple would like you to buy.

Hot New Products Coming

Forbes Magazine , CNET, and Mac blogs  are all predicting a slew of new products from Apple's headquarters in Cupertino in 2013.

Among them:  

       - A 5th generation iPad, which would fix two complaints about the current iPad: That it's heavier and thicker than the iPad 2, and has longer recharging times.  Ideally, the next iPad will have Retina display and be thinner at the same time.

       - A new iPad Mini with the same Retina display as the newest iPad. (The current Mini has the older display)

Greg Rios of Verizon Wireless explained that "Retina display has twice the resolution as the iPad 2, so it's ideal for watching high definition movies."

       -An iPhone 5S by summer, with improved maps and Siri voice software, among other things. If you were hoping for a slightly wider phone, Apple watchers say you will have to wait at least another year for the iPhone 6.

       - A possible iPhone "smart watch" that you would wear on your wrist like Dick Tracy.  A longshot, but the website Mashable says it's possible.

        -New Apple TV.  Almost everyone predicts more teasers for a big screen Apple HDTV, incorporating an actual TV screen and IOS software, which could revolutionize TV watching when it finally comes out.  But studio negotiations have been going very slowly.

But Are Consumers Shopped Out?

Some analysts say once families have an iPad, an iPhone, and maybe a MacBook or an iPad Mini, they don't need anything more for a couple more years.

That's one reason Apple stock has been down lately, from $700 a share to $525.

But it doesn't seem to matter: As soon as the iPhone 5S is out, you know those lines are going to stretch out the door again.

Till then, don't waste your money.


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