USF Researchers look to vitamin D in diabetes prevention study

TAMPA - A new study that looks at patients who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes may be the key in finding an answer to prevention.

Brenda Furlong of Tampa described her last bout with poor management of her Type 2 Diabetes. "Your body shakes. You get anxiety," she said. It's been three weeks since she's had an episode. Furlong hopes that this new study funded by the National Institutes of Health can help. The study seeks to answer the question: can Vitamin D supplements, taken in pill form, reduce or even prevent Type 2 Diabetes? "Vitamin D is something I've been looking at in my patients for a while," said Dr. Denise Edwards of USF Home for Healthy Living.

Furlong said she's eager to tell her children, who are at risk for diabetes due to a long family history, about the newly launched study. "I'll encourage them to learn more about it and probably participate in the experiment because this is something I really don't want them to get," said Furlong.

"It certainly wouldn't take the place of lifestyle changes in preventing diabetes, but it could be something else to add to the list," said Dr. Edwards.

Researchers need more than two thousand people willing to participate.

All information on participation can be found here:

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