Firefighters rescue dogs from burning apartment

Fire left nearly 30 homeless

TOWN N COUNTRY, Fla. - Ken McCullough's gut gave him a warning.

"I had a feeling to come home," he told ABC Action News Sunday afternoon.

Ken came home to find firefighters battling flames at Harbor Walk Apartments on Sandstone Lake drive. The fire ripped through four upstairs units and poured smoke and water into another four downstairs units. 

"It was a dangerous fire just because it spread through all of those multiple units," said Ronnie Rivera with Hillsborough Fire and Rescue.

Ken immediately told firefighters his two Jack Russell Terriers were trapped in his bathroom.

"I wanted them out," he said.

Firefighters with Hillsborough Fire and Rescue were able to find his dogs, Sweet Girl and Poppy. As they carried his two dogs from the fiery inferno, firefighters realized Sweet Girl needed help.

"The dog was very scared, wet and very weak from all the smoke inhalation," said Rivera.

McCullough waited anxiously as firefighters strapped an oxygen mask over her nose.

"I'm very thankful. They are my dogs. They are my buddies," said McCullough.

The oxygen did the trick. Sweet Girl made it out alive.

"An hour later they were walking around and enjoying the night air," said Rivera.

McCullough credits the firefighters and their quick thinking.

"They were just as good, and as courteous, and worked just as hard. I was very proud of the fire department," said McCullough.

While the two dogs are coughing more than usual McCullough is happy they are otherwise fine.

"I'm going to take them to the vet this afternoon, but they will be okay," he said.

Hillsborough Fire Rescue continues to investigate the blaze. They say nearly 30 people lost their homes in Saturday night's fire, but McCullough says he is thankful it wasn't worse and everyone, including man's best friend, walked away with their lives.

"It could always be worse, but we didn't lose any humans any pets. Everyone got out and everything can be replaced," said McCullough.


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