WATCH: Casey Anthony arrives at the federal courthouse in Tampa for bankruptcy hearing

TAMPA - It was a crush of cameras as Casey Anthony stepped out of a black SUV at the federal court house in Tampa.

Click the video player above to see Casey arrive at the Federal Courthouse.

Dressed all in black, Anthony arrived with her attorney several hours early for a hearing Monday. She did not address the media.

Things turned physical as her handler tried to move her into the courthouse. One person could be heard chanting "Baby killer!", while the various media outlets fired questions at her, none of which she answered. At one point a coat was thrown over her head as she was led up a ramp towards the front door. And then at the front door, pushing and shoving, just to get her in.

Anthony is in Tampa for a bankruptcy hearing, after having requested that it be moved from Orlando to try and avoid just the media eye. That obviously did not work.

Today's hearing will try to determine finically where she stands and how much she can pay her creditors. She has previously filed court papers indicating that she only has about $1000 but owes close to $800, 000.

For the media though, and the public, this is also first time we will hear where she has been and what she has been doing since she was acquitted. And when she comes out when the 1:30 hearing is over, more pushing and shoving is expected when she leaves.

Anthony has not made any public appearances since she left jail after being acquitted in 2011 of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The bankruptcy filing came on the same day that a Florida appellate court set aside two of the four convictions she faced for lying to detectives during the investigation into her missing daughter.

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