USF student at Tampa campus undergoing treatment for tuberculosis

A University of South Florida student has tested positive for active tuberculosis. 
The student is no longer on campus, but nearly 100 people who had contact with the student are now being tested. The testing is precautionary. 
USF sent an email to other students, faculty, and staff informing them of the TB case.
"In order to contract TB, you need to be in a confined area with long exposure to respiratory droplets for long periods of time," said Dr. Joseph Pucci, USF Medical Director Student Health Services."
The student was identified through the Hillsborough County Health Department in early July after showing concerning symptoms consistent with tuberculosis.
This is the first case of TB on the campus in 2013.  The last was in May 2012 and appears to be unrelated to the current incident, according to the release.

TB is a disease that usually infects the lungs, but can affect other parts of the body, causing serious illness.  It is spread when an infected person coughs, talks, sings or sneezes untreated TB germs into the air.  

Those with additional questions can call Student Health Services at 813-974-1797.

Others not identified by the Department of Health and want  to be tested for TB can schedule an appointment by calling Student Health Services at 813-974-2331.  There will be a charge for services rendered.

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