Tracking Tampa Bay area runners: List of locals in Boston Marathon, find, share statuses

TAMPA BAY - ABC Action News is working to track the status of Bay area runners who were registered in the Boston Marathon race following the two deadly explosions near the finish line Monday afternoon.

Reports say 23,326 runners started the Boston Marathon and 17,584 finished before it was canceled at 2:57 p.m..

As of Tuesday morning, officials say three were killed and over 150 were injured.

According to Boston Athletic Association's records, of the 33 individuals from Tampa who entered the race, nine never finished.

One of the registrants in St. Petersburg also never finished.

However, many of the participants were pulled from the race after two explosions occurred around 3 pm.

You can find a list of Bay area participants who registered for the race and status updates as they become available below. If you have a status update on one of the participants listed, please send the information in an email at or send a tweet at abcactionnews, with #tampaboston, #stpeteboston, #clearwaterboston  or # (name of your Bay area city)+boston.

To search for registrants in the race, click here

 Google has also established a person-finder for those looking for somebody, or those who have information about someone at the Boston Marathon.

Those reports can be found at .

Runners who want to let family know they are safe can register on the American Red Cross' Safe and Well website. To register or check the list, go to


Heidi Gonzmart, 46, Tampa - didn't finish face

Christopher Brewer, 40, Tampa - didn't finish face

Richard Gonzmart, 60, Tampa- didn't finish face

Maggie Hayes, 27, Tampa- didn't finish face

Bruce Shephard, 68, Tampa- didn't finish face

Marianto Upshaw, 43, Tampa- didn't finish face

Diane Berbarian, Tampa-  didn't finish race

Janice Valle, status update needed

Sarah Gudmundson, 36, Tampa- finished race, OK

Cortney Hirsch, 36,Tampa- didn't go, OK

Scott Bragan- 45, Tampa- didn't finish face, OK (read his story here:

Merrill Hasenfluck, 41, Tampa- finished race, OK

Jill Kralovanec, 45, Tampa- finished race-OK

Anthony Black, 56, Tampa- finished race

Bryan Beth, 50, Tampa- finished race

Claudine Caballero, 44,Tampa - finished race

Timothy Cooper, 42, Tampa- finished race

Lauren Deadly, 39, Tampa- finished race

Nancy Deskins, 50, Tampa- finished race

Teresa Gadient, 49, Tampa- finished race

Elizabeth Gonzalez, 39, Tampa- finished race

James Henneberger, 63, Tampa- finished race

Que Lambert, 47, Tampa- finished race

Maria Lopez, 29, Tampa- finished race

Gail Norman, 54, Tampa- finished race

Wibke Rees, 41, Tampa- finished race

John Robida, 32, Tampa- finished race

Michael Rosenblum, 48, Tampa- finished race

John Shea, 47, Tampa- finished race  

Larry Smart, 43, Tampa – finished race, OK

Colin Strickland- 28, Tampa- finished race

Michelle Thames, 36, Tampa- finished race, OK

Lois Waite, 45, Tampa- finished race

Heather Winchell 27, Tampa- finished race

Berbarian, Tampa-  didn't finish race

Christa Stephens, 29, St. Petersburg - didn't finish race

Adam Bright, 47, Sarasota - finished race

Jackie Dorociak, 22, Sarasota - finished race

Lloyd English, 60, Sarasota - finished race

Lauren Fineman, 38, Sarasota- finished race

Robert Hammond, 52, Sarasota- didn't finish race

Jim Harding, 52, Sarasota- finished race

Holly Johnson, 52, Sarasota- finished race

Lissa Murphy, 39, Sarasota- finished race

Jodi Rich, 33, Sarasota- didn't finish race

Denise Skinner, 57, Sarasota- didn't finish race

Zvonko Smlatic, 48, Sarasota- finished race

Diane Berberian, 55, Clearwater- didn't finish race

Michael Farrell, 35, Clearwater- didn't finish race

Michael Weiss, 50, Clearwater- didn't finish race

Brian Welch, 52, Clearwater- finished race





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