Todashev's father flying back to Russia on Tuesday to await investigation results in son's death

TAMPA, Fla. - Abdulbaki Todashev, the father of a Chechen man shot and killed by the FBI in May, has finished a final meeting with his legal team Monday night in Tampa and will return to Russia on Tuesday after a weeks-long trip to the US to seek answers in his son's shooting death.

Council on American Islamic Relations Florida Director Hassan Shibly told ABC Action News that Todashev's 3-week trip to the US had concluded and he would return to the family's home in Chechnya to await the results of federal and state investigations into his son's shooting death on May 22. 

CAIR-FL was retained by Todashev as legal counsel after his son, Ibragim Todashev, was shot and killed during what was expected to be a final interrogation about a connection to elder Boston bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsaernav and an unrelated Massachusetts triple murder.

During his trip, Todashev secured meetings with the state attorney reviewing the FBI and Dept. of Justice's investigations, Jeff Ashton, and the top US prosecutor in the region, Acting US Attorney A. Lee Bentley, III.
Reports leaked about Todashev having various types of weapons, how he supposedly attacked the FBI agent and how many other law enforcement officers were inside the apartment at the time of the May 22 interrogation fluctuated in the days after the shooting.
Though not many new details of the shooting death were brought to light during the meeting, Ashton told Todashev that some of the initial details that were leaked by "sources" about the shooting incident in the days after his death were, in fact, wrong, but he didn't say exactly which details.
No timetable has been given for results of Ashton's review.
Both men assured Todashev the investigation was being taken seriously and Todashev has agreed to hold off on any legal action until the investigations' findings are released.
Todashev's autopsy report remains on an FBI hold three months after his death and federal officials have not responded to recent efforts to reach them for comment on the ongoing investigations.
The FBI agent and others in the apartment when Todashev was killed have not been identified, nor have they account of the shooting been shared with the public.
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