Three dead and one critical after beer run and accident on Columbus Ave in West Tampa

Witness talks of seeing woman's life slip away

TAMPA - For witness Lorenzo Monteagudo, it is something that is just stuck in his head, "Her face just keeps coming back."

Monteagudo watched as a Jeep went out of control on Columbus Ave in Tampa and slammed into a concrete wall, killing three and severely injuring a fourth person.

The scene itself is hard to believe with scattered debris and shards of glass.  It is like the Jeep just exploded into pieces. There are twisted parts thrown everywhere, as was a woman from the Jeep itself.

"Her face just keeps coming back," Lorenzo would tell me.  Lorenzo was talking about one of the victims, a woman thrown from the vehicle.  

According to investigators, Sunday night at around 8:00 p.m., the Jeep took off from the 7-Eleven at the corner of Himes and Columbus after someone inside the vehicle stole a case of beer.

They hit the gas on Columbus, swerved around Lorenzo and then lost control and hit a concrete wall that surrounds a cemetery.

Tampa Police say no one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belt.  Three people were pinned inside, a man and a woman died at the scene, and another man, 41-year-old Kenneth Crouse is listed in critical condition in the hospital.

But that woman, the woman thrown from the vehicle, is what is stuck in Lorenzo's head, "It was just horrible. a horrible site to see. Someone sitting there looking at you, and you can't ...  Really, you're helpless. You can't do anything. I could almost see her spirit leaving her. She was in that type of shape, and I felt bad that I couldn't help her."

Police have now released the names of those killed in the accident, 34-year-old Ashley Helen Thompson, Tonya Elizabeth Faris, 29, and Steven Edward Cuervo, 41.

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