Testimony in Cortnee Brantley Case Goes Into Day 2

TAMPA - 24 year-old Cortnee Brantley sat with her face in her hands when testimony got heated today at the federal court in Downtown Tampa, on day 2 of her trial.

Government prosecutors are charging Brantley with not naming her boyfriend Dontae Morris after he shot and killed two Tampa police officers in June of 2010. They say she knew a crime was committed and that she took steps to conceal it.

A trial last year ended in a hung jury and was declared a mistrial.

Today's cross examination until the noon hour saw three different witnesses take the stand, two Tampa police detectives, and a third, a forensics examiner who did work on the case.

Brantley's attorney dug into one of the Tampa police detectives, asking him why they were forcing Brantley to name her boyfriend, when she had already responded during the investigation that they knew who they were looking for.

Outside court, Action News spoke with legal expert and attorney Jeff Brown whether Brantley had committed a crime by not naming her boyfriend as the shooter. He replied that she didn't commit a crime, because she invoked her Fifth Amendment right to not speak.

Testimony is expected to continue in the coming days, and Action News will keep you updated as they develop.

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