Tampa unveils new plan for quick response code enforcement

Code enforcement deploying quick response team

TAMPA - "I think it's great. I think if they actually follow through with that and that's something they make happen," said Stephanie Rumbley.

Rumbley is a homeowner. She's also renovating the historic bungalow next door. She wants her neighborhood to look well-cared for.

"Your biggest issue would be extra debris in the alley for them to pick up," she said.

She, like other neighbors, has called the city to report code violations -- violations that aren't always quickly resolved.

"Immediate response, get the problem solved," said Tampa's Neighborhood Services Director Jake Slater.

But Slater says the city aims to change that. They're dividing Tampa into four sections and creating a fifth team to cover the entire city in emergencies.

"We're excited about this because, number one, we can increase our response time substantially.  That's been a major issue with the clean cities staff and the code enforcement staff," said Slater.

Slater says the teams will tackle blight issues across Tampa like illegal dumping, graffiti, overgrown trees and grass.  

Neighbors like Priscilla Lakus and her husband hope the new attention will shed some light on their parking problem. 

"We put up a no parking sign because we just had to do it. We didn't want to defend our neighbors but it got to the point where you'd come home and you can't even park your car," said Hyde Park homeowner Priscilla Lakus.

Code Enforcement says the teams start working the new areas in the next few weeks.

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