Tampa talk show host lawsuit: Todd 'MJ' Schnitt and Bubba The Love Sponge Clem defamation case day 3

TAMPA - Bubba the Love Sponge Clem took stand Wednesday in the civil defamation suit filed against him by Todd "MJ" Schnitt.  

Schnitt attorney Phil Campbell, in his opening, would elude to the over-the-top nature of Bubba's radio show, and in questioning him would also press the issue.  Campbell asked, "Can you give me an example of the type of language you would use on your Sirius satellite show, compared to the type of language that you used on the Cox radio show?" Bubba pauses and look up and respond in disbelief, "really?"

At the heart of the civil defamation case is a claim that Bubba referred to Todd "MJ" Schnitt's, wife, Michelle, in an unflattering way. To which Bubba himself, on air, and played in court, said "One time I called her a whore."

Bubba himself said again, on air, and played in court, he never meant the term in a way that would imply she, Michelle Schnitt was a prostitute, and used this example in court to explain, "When you say a "You're Mama" joke, you're really not making fun of someone's mama, you're trying to get them riled up."

But Campbell would also illustrate to the jury through excerpts from Bubba's broadcast that, at one point Bubba said he would never apologize to Michelle Schnitt, and that he would go to court before he would.

He is now in court and the case will continue tomorrow.

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