Tampa federal judge finds Cortnee Brantley guilty of withholding information in Dontae Morris case

TAMPA - A federal judge on Wednesday went along with a jury's decision that Cortnee Brantley is guilty of withholding information from investigators.

Brantley is the ex-girlfriend of Dontae Morris, who is accused of killing two Tampa police officers.

On January 16, the jury determined that Brantley knew that Morris was a felon in possession of a firearm and tried to hide that fact from authorities.

But District Judge James Moody wanted clarification from jurors about the wording of the verdict and sent the panel back for further deliberations.

The jurors returned with no changes to the wording and Moody withheld adjudication..

Morris is accused of killing Tampa police Officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab during a traffic stop in June, 2010.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor issued the following statement after Wednesday's ruling:

"The members of the Tampa Police Department are pleased to hear that Judge Moody has upheld the findings of the jury in the case against Courtnee Brantley. We felt all along that her actions in the deaths of Dave Curtis and Jeff Kocab were wrong and that she should be held accountable. We are pleased to see the justice system saw it the same."

Brantley is scheduled to be sentenced on April 29.

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