Tampa ATF crews are helping out in the investigations in West, Texas and Boston

TAMPA - The investigation that has been going on in the Central Texas town of West has been massive.

Recovery operations have been going on since a fertilizer plant in the town exploded after a massive fire on Wednesday.

At last check, 12 bodies have been recovered, with over 160 people injured in the town of 2,800.

And with all of the operations going on, our own crews from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from the Tampa Bay area are there.

Kevin Richardson, spokesperson for our ATF regional branch says the men sent are the best of the best, and make up the National Response Team.

One man is on the ground there now, he left Thursday morning.

Another just got back and is on a standby rotation.

And yet another crew member is in Boston right now, working on the bombing investigation there.

"We have agents that do the criminal investigations, they'll do the firearms trafficking, they might do the violent crime they might do a particular group," Richardson says.

They're also armed with large trucks that head out to the scene and can handle nearly any type of situation; it's filled with everything from shovels, to the jaws of life, and biovac suits.

The mission is also filled with grim realities according to Richardson.

"He said they were doing a briefing and what they were probably going to do too is body recoveries," Richardson was told by a crew member.

Crews will continue rotating at the scenes according to Richardson until answers are found.

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