Talk show hosts Todd 'MJ' Schnitt and Bubba The Love Sponge Clem lawsuit day 4: 2001 hog castration

TAMPA - The infamous radio stunt happened in February, 2001, when Bubba the Love Sponge Clem and Todd 'MJ' Schnitt both worked at different radio stations owned by Clear Channel.

On Bubba's show, hunters castrated and slaughtered a wild boar live on the air.

In a recorded clip from that radio program, you can hear Bubba talking about the incident.  "Yea. Rich are we skinning the hog? We are gonna put it on the grill."

Clem was arrested for the prank, but eventually cleared of animal cruelty charges.

Years later, Bubba used the airwaves to point the finger at MJ for influencing his prosecution.

At the time, Schnitt's wife, Michelle, was a prosecutor working under Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober.

"Your wife is one of the people that tried to get us thrown in jail.  And that you had secret meetings with Mark Ober.  Did you guys know that?  The hog deal.

Clem told the jury that those accusations were his opinion.

"I was connecting the dots based on the people that worked in the building, based on MJ's disdain for me."

But former Clear Channel account executive Jacqueline Schwab says she's the one who reported Bubba to authorities. She said she was at work the morning of the hog kill and ran to her boss in tears.  "I went in there because I couldn't believe what I saw was gonna be happening to this pig and I couldn't watch it."

Schwab says she talked to the Humane Society, law enforcement and Ober and was never influenced by MJ or his wife.

"I was an animal lover. No one had to prompt me to do anything like that," said Schwab.

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