Small tailor shop proof that American dream still lives on

TAMPA - In a  small shop called Tailors Corner on Kennedy Boulevard, tailors work on more than two hundred pieces of clothing a day thousands of shirts, pants and dresses a month, all under the watchful eye of owner Tatiana Bazanov.
Katy Lamphier has come here since middle school, she moved to New York, the fashion Mecca of the world, and will still only let Bazanov touch her clothes.
"I just didn't find anyone there who I trusted with my clothes," said Lamphier.
The Russian native hears that a lot. She said clothes get shipped to her from all over the world.
I get clothes in boxes from Chicago, Naples, Italy, everywhere!" said Bazanov. "I had just been hoping for it but not even dreamed about."
12 years ago, when she and her husband finally saved enough to open her store the odds seemed stacked against her.
"We opened our store September 10th and 11th happened right next day so it was questionable if we would make it," said Bazanov.
September 11, 2001, the greatest terror attack on US soil. The econony took a downward spiral, but Bazanov perservered. And through the years her client base continued to build.
"And she does it in such a small space. You come here and and it is very unassuming, and you get here and realize very quickly that you are dealing with an expert," said Mike Hill a regular customer.
Bazanov doesn't advertise. Alicia Thibualt found her like most her customers do.
"She came here from another country and didn't have hardly anything and has turned this into a successful business via word of mouth." said Thibault.
Her business has put one child though medical school and another through college. Bazanov doesn't take it for granted.
"Just work from your heart, just be nice and just keep going," Bazanov said.

She has come a long way. She said she is shy about her speech, but when she moved to this country, she did not know one word of english.

Bazanov's business keeps getting bigger and bigger, but she wants to stay in her small shop. She calls it cozy and it is a reminder of all her hard work as well as  proof dream's do come true

Tailors corner is located on 947 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609.

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