Six weeks after hit and run, 23-year-old remains critical and her parents want answers

Ashley Johnson suffered brain damage

TAMPA, Fla. - The parents of a young woman who was a victim of a hit and run a month and a half ago are making a plea to find the person responsible.

Six weeks after she got hit by a truck on Dale Mabry, Ashley Johnson's recovery remains a question.

Her mother, Kimberley Mullen hasn't left her side.

"This is my job.  I'm a mother," she said.  "I've exhausted everything I have, but I'm not going to leave her."

Mullen comes to Kindred Hospital in Tampa every day to be with her girl and every day she prays for signs of life.

This week, her dad flew into town from New York, and they both experienced a milestone.

"I was just with her a few minutes ago, and I said, 'Ashley, if you want to come home, give me a thumbs up,' and she gave a thumbs up," he said.

Ashley is starting to respond, and is even opening her eyes and slowly breathing on her own.

As the family holds out hope, they're also fighting for answers.

It's been six weeks and still no arrests in the hit and run that changed their lives forever.

"Come on!" Mullen said. "I don't want Tampa to sleep on this. Find this guy!"

A Florida Highway Patrol spokesman said they are still digging up leads, but all they know is that it was a red truck that hit her.

"I couldn't wish this on my worst enemy," Johnson said.

Although Ashley is showing progress, doctors still caution she may never recover due to serious brain damage.

If you have any information on the driver who hit Ashley, or if you know of any unexplained damage to someone's red truck, you're urged to call FHP or crimestoppers at 813-558-1800 or 1-800-873-TIPS.

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