Servicemen and women return home for the holidays to emotional reunions

Tampa - After fighting a week of bad weather and airport delays right across the country, air traffic is moving well.  Travelers are heading out from Tampa International Airport with little or no delays.

On this Christmas Eve, the only emotion at the airport seems to be that of emotional reunions.

Some of the most touching are those of servicemen and women who have been away from loved ones for months on end.

Tuesday at TIA, I ran into a young army specialist who was reunited with his son after having only seen him right after he was born.

I also ran into a young woman who was waiting for her boyfriend, a Marine, who she hadn't seen for months.

She was so wrapped in the moment that when his plane landed, before she even laid eyes on him, she was crying.

When they did meet, there was an embrace followed by a passionate kiss and tears.

So I end with this, God bless our servicemen and women.  May they all get home safely to their families and loved ones this holiday season.

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