Reward offered for info on 2005 killing

David Neel was shot and killed in 2005 on a busy highway during a busy time of day, but no witnesses have come forward in those eight years.  His family hopes a $25,000 reward will change that.
"$25,000 is a lot," said his wife, Debra Neel, "but it's for David.  That's what we are doing.  This is for him."
Debra and her family are pitching in to offer a reward they hope will lead to the arrest of David Neel's killer.
"Always have to try.  Got to keep trying.  And I will keep trying.  And our family will keep trying to find that person."
On March 6, 2005, Neel was driving on I-75, heading to the Strawberry Festival.  Somewhere between the Fowler Avenue exit and I-4, someone shot through the driver's side door of his Ford F-250.  Neel was hit in the chest and killed.  His truck ended up crashing.
Eight years later, the Sheriff's Office has no significant leads.  But, they say, someone has to know what happened.
Det. Dale Bunten with Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said, "A person that nay have been in the vehicle with our shooter, a relative, a friend, an ex that our suspect may have talked to about doing this to, hopefully is going to be one that says, 'It's time to step forward.'"
One theory is that Neel was driving too slow, and someone shot at his truck in a case of road rage.
Debra said, "I think somebody was just playing around with a gun, and just shot out.  Just shot and it happened.  He was there at the wrong time."
Since his death, David Neel's family has grown.  His son got married, and there is a new grandchild.
But his wife says her husband is always there beside them.
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