Residents complain while landlord threatens, and code enforcement will inspect Tampa trailer park

TAMPA, Fla. - A Tampa mobile home park continues to rake in code violations despite problems that date back to 1990.

Walking through a red fence to show us her home at Silver Oaks Mobile Home Park, Kimberly Sue only has to go as far as her front door before the problems start.

"I'm going to fall through this floor," she explained.

The holes aren't limited to the floor.  The ceiling is also rotted through.

"See the toilet?" she pointed.  "It flushes but see how it's leaning?"

The outside of the trailers hint at what's inside. Windows duct taped shut.  Doors that won't close all the way.  Holes in walls.  Rotted siding.

ABC Action News confronted the man who identified himself as the landlord, but he refused to give his name, and then he screamed at residents for inviting us in.

"Can you take the camera off me please?" he screamed.  "She let you go inside when she have to say no, she no call me over here. Huh?"

Residents told us he proceeded to threaten to raise their rent, confiscate their pets, and even kick them out.

"Because he says no one's said anything to him about fixing the trailers up," Kimberly said.

Located at 5210 North 17th Street, Silver Oaks currently has two active cases, but it has faced dozens of code violations over the last two decades.

They include raw sewage, fire hazards, deteriorated structures, and homes unfit for human habitation.

ABC Action News alerted Tampa City Code Enforcement, which plans to visit the site within a week to inspect the homes.

Residents say they can't move because they're financially incapable or have a criminal history that forces them to accept the little they have.

According to the landlord and his wife, the complaints haven't come in the proper form of required paperwork. Residents disagree, arguing they pay $500 for barely livable conditions, and when they ask for repairs, they receive the same answer we did.

"I don't have to tell you nothing!" he screamed.

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