Resident around sinkhole in Dunedin wonder what's next, can now go home

City officials say Dunedin sinkhole now stable

DUNEDIN - It was just after noon Monday that the residents of four homes near the two homes that were destroyed by a Dunedin sinkhole got the word they could return home.

For residents on around Robmar Road, it has been four days of chaos.

Last Thursday, two homes were torn apart by a huge sinkhole, close to 90 feet wide and 60 feet deep.

Since then, the homes have been ripped out and hauled away, and hundreds of truck loads of fill dirt has been brought in to fill the sinkhole and stabilize the area.

From here the city plans to continue grading the property, and will lay down grass to try and keep the dirt and dust from blowing through the neighborhood.

But still, where does that leave area residents? I spoke to one homeowner, Pat Simons, who had to leave her home because the sinkhole reached to the edge of her property.

"It is very nerve racking," Pat said.

Her home sweet home of 20 years, is not as sweet as it once was.

"Who's to say there is not another hole like it underneath my house." Pat had no thought of moving, but on this day she realized that even if she did, that was no longer a possibility. "Why?" I asked.

"Cause my house has probably zero property value right now."

In fact, a realtor told ABC Action News thanks to the sinkhole, the property values on all the homes in the immediate area has dropped.

"I kind of wish I had known before hand." Summer Guo lives across the street from where the sinkhole was. Summer just bought her home and has only been in it for just over a month. She says she may not like what has happened, and the timing, but she realizes, "There is nothing I can do about it. So I'm just not going to worry about it."
Worry is something Pat can not get away from, not just yet.

"If I hear a crack I am going to get out," she said.

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