Prison time ending soon for Valessa Robinson

TAMPA - The latest picture of Valessa Robinson from the Department of Corrections is a far contrast from the long haired teen behind one of Tampa's most notorious murder cases.

Now retired Judge J. Rogers Padgett told Action News it was the highest profile case in his 32-year career.
'You had murder on the one end and a young girl, and that captured everyone's attention," said Padgett.
Robinson wasn't the only one involved in the gruesome murder of her mother, real estate agent Vicki Robinson.

Her boyfriend, Adam Davis, and friend, Jon Whispel, were also convicted of the crime. Davis is on death row, Whispel is serving 25 years.

Judge Padgett sentenced  Robinson to the maximum: 20 years.
"That is all I could do," Padgett said.
Her defense team argued that Robinson was too young to know what was really happening.
"She was the little girl in the gingham dress swinging  her legs in black patent shoes. That was the presentation by the defense attorney and that is okay," Padgett said.  "But inside, she was something different."
One of Vicki Robinson's best friends told Action News she is "sick" that Valessa Robinson is already getting out of prison,15 years after her conviction.

Florida law requires prisoners to serve at least 85 percent of their sentence. A Department of Correction spokesperson said that along with the time she sat in jail waiting for trial factored in her release.
"I'm curious if she will move back to Tampa," Padgett said.
Carrollwood residents don't think she will be back. But her pending release is bringing a lot of attention to her old neighborhood.

Jeff Whitcomb almost bought the Robinson's former home but decided on the one across the street instead. He said while most did not live here at the time many neighbors feel the same way.
"It seems for something like that you would not be released for a very long time and 15 -20 years, whatever it is, does not seem that long in the scheme of things," Whitcomb said.

A DOC spokesperson said the date of release may change.  But as of Tuesday, it was still scheduled for Friday.

Robinson was not a model prisoner.

According to records from the DOC, Robinson faced several disciplinary actions for numerous violations including narcotics and unlawful sex acts.

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