Pregnant and fighting a battle against breast cancer

Woman beats odds of getting pregnant

TAMPA, Fla. -

Pregnancy is suppose to be a joyous and exciting time of your life. For one Tampa Bay woman, pregnancy has her also fighting a battle.


For a time 26-year-old Ashley Gayle-Boothe never thought she would be getting her final pre-natal check-up before giving birth to her first child.


Doctors initially told Ashley she wouldn't be able to conceive.


"Something about my ovaries or something, I don't know. I had endometriosis and they said it makes things difficult," Ashley said.


In March, Ashley beat the odds and became pregnant. Just two weeks later she made another unexpected discovery. "I was just putting the lotion on to prevent like stretch marks and stuff and I had felt the lump in my left breast," Ashley said.


A biopsy revealed cancer in her left breast, muscle and lymph nodes.


"When it came back I was just like ok, well, what do we do now," she said. "I want to know what's next."


Her treatment involved a mastectomy and chemotherapy, which she didn't agree to until learning it wouldn't affect the baby. "Because it didn't pass through the placenta and because the baby's spinal cord and all that was closed," Ashley said.


Ashley will be induced on October 4, eight weeks early. Doctors have been injecting steroids into the baby's lungs to make them stronger so he can breathe on his own. The early due date will give Ashley and her son a better shot at avoiding complications. "I just want him to be ok. I'm not worried about anything else," she said.


Ashley still faces additional surgery and chemotherapy, but looks forward to watching her son grow and even hoped to give him a sibling some time win the future. 

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