Postal workers make a magical delivery to a Tampa family

TAMPA - Personal letters addressed to Santa are commonplace for the post office this time of year.

"Sometimes we wonder what they want.  My carriers are out there on a daily basis on the street.  They're in the communities," said Ybor City postal station manager Chris Farlow .

So, the postal workers from the Ybor City station wanted to make a difference for one of the families they deliver to each day.

"To make Christmas magical for those kids and that family," Farlow added.

One by one, postal carts full of gifts designated for each child in the family were loaded into mail trucks.

Andre Hinton delivers to this family on a regular basis.  Today though, he and his co-workers delivered a Christmas the family likely not otherwise experience.

"Miracles do happen, particularly today,' Hinton said.

Soon, bustling activity filled the front room of this family's home.  Santa had indeed come early.  And the smile on this 5-year-old's face was enough to melt a snowman.

"I had no idea what they were going through. I mean, they were always out here playing.  It's just kind of funny how you never know what a family's going through," Hinton explained.

A video game, played on a TV they didn't own before today, brings joy to a mom and her four children who are grateful that the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

And that letters to Santa really do get answered.

"That's what Santa Claus is.  He's different to each person.  But Santa Claus is the magic of Christmas.  He's what brings hope to those kids, and can bring hope to the adults as well," said Farlow .

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