Popular TV show Mythbusters brings explosive exhibit to MOSI

Props and hands-on exhibits await visitors

TAMPA, Fla. - Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit opens Friday at MOSI. Props from the popular TV show as well as interactive exhibits will keep guests entertained.

"When people ask, 'Is it a fun exhibit, or an entertaining exhibit?' The answer is yes, it's really all of them," said Jeff Easterling, MOSI director of experience

Science fans can dive into concepts and natural laws that Mythbusters explores. You'll be able to test whether running or walking in the rain gets you more wet, or whether toast lands butter side up. There's plenty to keep young and old busy trying to bust myths.

"It's going to be something that the guests are going to be involved with to the highest level," Easterling said.

If you want to see props from episodes past, this is the place. The wire-frame model of the Hindenburg, the champagne Gatling gun and even the robotic cat make appearances at the exhibit. Of course Buster the dummy is prominently featured.

Blowing things up is a Mythbusters staple. You'll be able to control and view the explosions at your fingertips.

"For as simple a concept as it is, there'll be a line of people waiting to do this," said Ed Donzell with Ravenswood Studios, the company that put the exhibit together.

The exhibit opens this Friday at MOSI, 4801 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, 33617.

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