Patricia Louisy, 60, was struck by a motorist in Tampa on her birthday and died five days later

TAMPA, Fla. - Breland Louisy can only talk about his wife for a few seconds before he breaks down in tears and has to grab a handful of tissues.

"I love her with all my...," said Breland, unable to complete his sentence because he was overcome with emotion.

Patricia Louisy, 60, was walking home on the morning of June 9, her birthday.  Near the intersection of East Lake Avenue and North 12th Street, she was hit by a motorist and left for dead in the eastbound lane of East Lake Avenue.

Two hours passed before two Tampa police officers out on patrol found her clinging to life in the street.

"It was like my wife was a piece of trash.  She was a human being," Breland said.

Louisy was taken to Tampa General Hospital and remained in intensive care until June 14 when she died.  She suffered a shattered pelvis, broken ribs and partially severed spine.

"The love of my life.  My best friend.  I was right there.  It was a horrible thing to sit there and look and stare at her like that," Breland said.

Breland said he never left his wife's side. 

The two were together for 22 years, but only married five years ago.  Inseparable, the couple bonded even more when Breland suffered a stroke in March of 2010.  A month later, he was hit by a bus.  Patricia became his primary caregiver ever since.

"We had a beautiful relationship.  It was me and her against the world," Breland explained.

Patricia cooked, dressed and even bathed her husband who no longer has use of his left arm following the stroke.

"I miss her so much," Breland said while crying.

Breland spends most of his time inside the couple's East Osbourn Drive rental home.  Her memorial pamphlet sits on the kitchen counter and a large picture of Patricia is hanging over the television.

"She was so beautiful," Breland said.

Unable to properly care for himself and the three bedroom home, Breland is now moving into what he calls 'a home.'  He will be living at an assisted living facility for people ages 55 and over.

He said he almost welcomes the move because there are 'too many memories' and reminders of his wife in the home.

"She was wonderful.  She was totally dedicated to me," he added.

Breland is now living with a broken heart.  He told ABC Action News he wants justice for his wife and for the driver to come forward.

He feel he can forgive the person responsible but will never be able to forget.

Patricia was preceded in death by her son.  He died of a brain tumor in his early 20s.

Tampa Police spokesperson Andrea Davis said the investigation into this case is very active and that detectives have made great progress with the case.  She added that hit and run investigations take several months to complete because evidence has to be built.

There is no description of the driver or the car involved.

Anyone with information is asked to call Tampa police at (813) 231-6130 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-873-8477.

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