New developments after Bubba vs. MJ case: Schnitt wants phone records

MJ's legal team requests phone records preserved

TAMPA, Fla. - More drama has surfaced in the case of two of Tampa's biggest radio personalties.

A court may have cleared Bubba the "Love Sponge" of Defamation charges against Todd MJ Schnitt, but the Schnitt camp says the case is far from over.

Schnitt's attorney's are asking the Clem camp to preserve their phone records.

They claim Bubba's camp set up one of their attorney's for a DUI. This comes after the judge called for an investigation last week.

ABC Action News has learned Schnitt's attorneys sent letters to Bubba's legal team requesting them to preserve their phone records. If not, they threaten to sue.

Tampa attorney Barry Cohen has tried some of the biggest cases in the Bay area and has practiced law for decades.

 "They're telling these lawyers you better preserve the evidence. Don't destroy your records. Don't destroy your cell phone records. Don't do anything that's going to stop us from getting to the truth," Cohen said.

Cohen said this case even stuns him.

"If it's true, it's the slimiest conduct that I've ever seen by a member of the bar," he said.

Judge James Arnold also wants to know if  Campbell was set up by Bubba's legal team. This past Monday, James Arnold ordered discovery in the case. That means now, phone records will be subpoenaed.

Cohen says Arnold has several options when it comes to making a decision.

He could rule a mistrial disregarding the jury's verdict. If the judge finds misconduct, he has a few options including referring the case to the state or U.S. attorney's offices or holding the defendants in contempt.

There's no word yet on when the judge will make his decision.

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