Mom pleads for leads in 17-year old son's unsolved murder

17-year-old Levi Dixon Jr. fatally shot in 2008

TAMPA - "He had the voice for it.  He had the talent.  Everything.  He was gifted with singing," said mom Angela Pearson.

But 17-year-old Levi Dixon, Jr.'s gift went to waste.

"Every day not knowing-- that's just hard," said Pearson.

And his mother still has no answers why her only child is gone.

"Levi was a good kid and he supposedly had all these friends, but nobody's saying anything," she said.

The Blake High School student was visiting friends at a West Tampa home on West Walnut in July of 2008 when detectives say someone kicked in the front door and shot and killed Dixon. He ran from the house but died a short distance away.

"Everyone is all upset about Trayvon, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't be, but what about me.  I lost my baby, too.  It doesn't matter because what it was black and black crime, compared to white on black crime," said Pearson.

Pearson is calling for community action and Tampa Police Detective Chuck Massucci is asking for someone in the West Tampa community to reach out-- even anonymously.

"The wrong place at the wrong time, is my best presumption," said Detective Massucci. "I'm almost shocked that in the West Tampa neighborhood no one has been able to provide us information."   

Massucci says they have no witnesses, limited forensics and slim leads. Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of Dixon's murder leaving this mom in limbo. 

"I know somebody know," said Pearson.

"I hurt everyday not knowing-- that was my only child."

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