Matthew Moye, Tampa dentist who killed two in DUI crash, gets 12 years prison time

Victim's families confront Moye in court

TAMPA - "I'd like to read a letter to Doug the day before his funeral," said dad Russ Kozar.

His dad hung his head as he shared his words to his son.

"Dear Doug, I can't put into words the pain and anguish that I'm feeling right now. My heart's broken and I know it will never heal," he said.

Russ Kozar buried the letter in his youngest son's casket.

"The morning I received the phone call about the crash changed my life forever. The void in my heart will never be filled," he read out loud in a Tampa courtroom.

Then he paused, pivoted, and faced the drunk driver and pummeled him with words long pent up.

"I have no forgiveness for you and i have no sympathy. I think you're an arrogant, narcissistic, despicable individual who believes that the law pertains to everyone else except himself," said Kozar.

Tampa dentist Matthew Moye was driving home from a Halloween party, roaring 89 miles an hour over the Harbour Island Bridge with a  .13 blood alcohol level, when he smashed into a concrete wall and killed 23-year-old Doug Kozar and Kate Kohler as they walked down the sidewalk.

"My son Doug was catapulted into the air and landed on a metal grate alongside of a cold bridge to die alone," said the victim's mom Kathy Kozar.

Katie's parents were in court too. They said their heartache will outlast the 12 year prison sentence a judge gave Dr. Moye and you never doubted the love written in this dad's letter will too.

"Please look down on us every day and give us a sign that you're happy and ok. I'll never stop loving you, dad," he said.

A judge sentenced Moye to 12 years in prison and 10 more probation. He also revoked his driver's license permanently.

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