Man randomly attacked, robbed in Ybor City

YBOR CITY, Fla. - "It's like a violation. At first, you feel embarassed. You feel ashamed," said Peter Reeber.

Peter Reeber's face is still healing from bruises, scrapes and black eyes.

A concussion, hearing loss and a broken nose mean he hasn't been able to go back to work.

"They're taking advantage of vulnerable people. They're cowards. They're doing it behind your back," said Reeber.

Reeber is calling out the suspects who attacked him in Ybor City on July 30th.

He's speaking out so you can be more careful.

"I was hit in the back of the head. I have bruises that support that," said Reeber.

He was out with friends but left Bradley's Bar on 7th Avenue by himself when someone  ambushed him, knocking him to the ground and robbing him.

"No wallet, no phone, no watch, no necklace and no shoes. They took everything," said Reeber.

Reeber says detectives pointed out the scrape marks on his forehead look like attackers may have dragged him face down across the pavement.

"I think that they drag you and put you in an alley so that no one can see you and they just leave you there," he said.               

It's the third violent attack in under a month in Ybor City. Two others reported being attacked last Sunday.

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Second Ybor City attack under investigation by Tampa police

The suspects who attacked the man are caught on surveillance video tape and he was alone as well.

"I would just say, safety in numbers. Go down there and always have someone with you. Even if it's just walking to your car."

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